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With bite-sized steps and our easy-to-follow roadmap, writing your advice memoir is gonna be WAY easier than you think

1. Enroll

After enrolling, you’ll receive full access to the 12-module course and big-time bonuses. Binge watch all the goodness Netflix-style if you prefer or enjoy the videos slowly over time.

Tree Stories is available whenever and wherever you are from any device. You never have to worry about battling traffic and showing up late for class.

2. Nail the Habit

Hold on a second, Hemingway. Before putting pen to paper, we need to establish the proper routines first.

Initially, crafting your advice memoir is not about the actual writing…it’s the writing habit.

You’ll learn how to carve out the necessary time for this project to draft thousands of words each day (trust me…it’s easier than you think). We’ll also show you how to tap into your deepest inner truths without spending $100/hr on a therapist.

3. Organize Your Life

You’ve established a consistent habit. Now, let’s build out our framework.

Hooking your readers isn’t rocket science. From Shakespeare down to the gripping TV series you watched last week, all great forms of entertainment use the same basic elements of story to keep their audience engaged. You’ll learn about the rules of storytelling and how to apply them to your life.

4. Fill In The Outline

Grab some sharp pencils and plenty of erasers. It’s time to write.

We prefer fill-in-the-blank templates. Don’t you? Once you master the technique for one chapter, you can build another 40 without a problem.

You’ll get plenty of general writing advice (focus on the verbs!) and tons of tips and tricks specific to memoirs (use the 5 senses!). After these modules, those chapters will be a breeze.

5. Print Your Masterpiece

Your manuscript is done. Congratulations! Let’s send it to the printer.

No more reading your book on a computer screen.

Learn how to get your shiny manuscript printed, the best way to present your creation to your children, and what should you do in the future (a second memoir is better than editing the first).

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