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About Me

Hi, I’m Devon Weaver…

I’m the author of The $20,000 T-Shirt, a long advice letter to my children on how to navigate this weird and wild world.

Through personal stories and gritty honesty, I revealed my greatest wins and losses to my kids in hopes their lives will greatly exceed mine.

I Wrote the Book I Needed From My Dad But Never Received

My pops took all his stories and wisdom with him to the grave. I vowed my kids would never experience the same anguish of not knowing their father.

Documenting my life in this fashion was a way for me to solve my own problem…to end the cycle of bad habits and start a new trend instead.

My Kids Never Have to Wonder…

My kids now have a physical representation of my life and love for them – an advice memoira roadmap of sorts they can turn to when the worldly demons attack. They never have to wonder who I am or how I feel about them…everything is there now in black and white.

What’s Your Tree Story?