A Step-by-Step Memoir Writing
System for Busy Parents

Tree Stories is a virtual implementation program that shows you exactly how to write & publish your advice memoir from scratch.

Short on time? Scared to write? No problem! Tree Stories is your complete roadmap, designed specifically for busy parents who aren’t professional writers.

Shape the highlights of your life into a page-turning, Hollywood-inspired narrative.

Turn Blank Pages Into A
Printed Advice Memoir

Like templates, short cuts, and quick exercises? With Tree Stories, you’ll glide through easy-to-follow steps to organize, understand, and document your life…forever.

In 12 online modules, you’ll go from Point A, a confusing, jumbled-up past, to Point B, a meaningful and examined life.

Speak Directly To Your Children

Tree Stories is the only writing system to focus on advice memoirs.
Unlike standard memoirs, advice memoirs speak directly to the audience with targeted advice.
Readers feel as if the book is written specifically for them, well, because it is.

Show Your Kids Who You Really Are.


Write Your Own Advice Memoir In 4 Easy Steps

Step #1:
Nail The Habit

First and foremost, the MOST important step of any undertaking – which certainly includes composing an advice memoir – is to properly nail the habit.

You’ll zip along a series of mindless steps each day in order to get the writing done.

Step #2:
Organize Your Life

Next, in a quick and fool-proof way, you’ll organize your life into a Hollywood-type narrative format that will feel familiar and entertaining to the reader.

Step #3:
Fill In The Outline

Writing your advice memoir is as easy as filling in the blanks on the provided outlines and templates.

There’s no pressure here! Your job is to simply put words on the page knowing they will improve greatly in the editing process.

Step #4:
Print Your Masterpiece

And finally, the most exciting part… you’ll learn how to print your advice memoir and proudly hand it over to your kids in a “Big Reveal”.

Great Reasons to Write Your Memoir


Great Reasons to Write Your Memoir

1. A Stronger Connection

Your stories give your children insight. But more importantly, they give your kids hope.

You weren’t crushed by the heaviness of life; they won’t be either. In dark times, your kids won’t need to seek crappy advice from their friends, social media influencers, or lyrics from a rock-n-roll god. They can hear your words instead.

You’ve given them everything they need… a blueprint of sorts – on how to face and overcome obstacles.

2. An Origin Story

Parenting our kids is not enough. They need more than that. Researchers at Emory University found that whether children knew where they came from – i.e. their family history & background – to be the leading indicator of mental stability.

Sadly, we don’t know where we come from anymore. Our ancestors took the best stuff – the wisdom, lessons, and honesty – with them to the grave. All that beautiful insight is gone…forever.

Start a new tradition in your family. Do something bold…write the book you always wanted your grandparents or parents to write for you.

3. Radical Revelations

Want meaning from your life? Spend time in this process and you’ll see new connections…the seemingly unrelated dots of your life transform into radical revelations about yourself.

The beauty of the Tree Stories is the tremendous amount of personal insights. Your life will make more sense than it ever has.

You’ll gain a new perspective on all the characters and events that shaped your days.

4. Be Remembered Forever

Capture your life in black and white while you still can. Writing down your story is a chance to live forever in a sense… to have your thoughts and life cherished, read, and passed down from limb to limb on the family tree.

Your life is important. It shouldn’t disappear in a few generations like you never existed. Tree Stories is your chance to be saved from obscurity.

Instead of your life fading into the ether, you’re leaving a written legacy instead.

Sample Chapters

So what’s an advice memoir like? Check out four handpicked chapters from The $20,000 T-Shirt to get a feel…


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”
– Maya Angelou


These are your stories and they need to be told.